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Food For Thought East Cooper Meals On Wheels

Winter/Spring 2014

GEORGE DEPENDS ON YOU FOR MEALS train, and grabbed some tools. Pretending to work on the train by checking the wheels, he exchanged words with a few Germans who stopped by, then snuck back on the train and changed into his civilian clothes for the remainder of the trip.

Now 92 years old, George Sass has faced challenges in his life that most of us can only imagine. Born in Poland, he met his future wife at the age of 15 during a local Sunday dance. While luck was not on their side for many years, fate would bring them back together. George was a hiking guide for tourists in the Pieniny mountain range until he joined the English Army in September of 1939. In November, a letter from his mother shared the unfortunate news that his sister had been killed when German’s bombed the train she was riding to college. He was granted a few days of leave to help his mother grieve and was expected to return to England for deployment but, upon arriving in Poland, the Germans arrested him. George was transported to Munich, where he spent about two years working 10 hour shifts at the BMW factory, which at that time was making engines for German airplanes. He describes life in the barracks as “harsh, to say the least,” with one blanket, one set of clothes, wood and straw for a bed, a dish and a spoon. “Coffee” was made from coal, soup was one piece of beef in water, and there was no dinner. An underground society helped him escape to Vienna, where he boarded a train to Warsaw. He spoke fluent German and was told the train was on a non-stop run, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. At the German border, about to be discovered for lack of proper papers, George thought on his feet. He quickly changed into his labor clothes, snuck off the

A kind woman and her daughter who were also on the train offered him a room in their home for two years, as he knew no one in Warsaw, but when the Germans invaded that town he was arrested and shipped back to Germany to labor at Magdeburg. This time, he was selected to be an entertainer by joining a group of other displaced persons to play music. George’s instrument was the musical saw, and his group was transported around to various camps to entertain the prisoners. He even remembers being filmed, as the Germans intended to share the video with the Red Cross to demonstrate their kind treatment of all in captivity. His trip to entertain at Osterweddingen, just seven miles away from his own camp, brought more joy than he had felt in years. He immediately recognized his sweetheart, Halina, in the crowd! After not knowing whether she was dead or alive for so long, he vowed to not lose her again. Some sneaking out, along with bribes of tobacco, allowed him to see Halina once a week. She returned the favor of a visit on Christmas Day in 1944, bringing along a sack filled with at least 20 pounds of beef for George and his friends. George says, “I couldn’t believe she carried it the whole seven miles in the snow for me!” Of course, 1945 brought liberation and joy, as well as many tough decisions. George and Halina agreed that they would not return to Poland, instead applying to live in Brazil, Venezuela, New Zealand, France or the United States. They waited for five years, finally receiving word that there was a sponsor for them in America. They got married, went to the American consul to accept the sponsorship, and boarded an Air Force plane with their young son, Jersy. In the United States, they quickly got on their own two feet with an apartment in Patterson, NJ, and a variety

of different jobs—belt buckle maker, gun engraver, nylon factory worker, YMCA leader, and chimney sweep—for George. He and Halina enjoyed weekly walks on Sundays and going to the movies, and they had a second son, Richard, a few years after arriving in the U.S. Both sons grew up to serve in the military during the Korean War and gave Halina and George three grandchildren to enjoy. George retired in 1990 and he and Halina moved to a beautiful home on James Island. He turned the garage into a workshop where he built clocks and he also kept up with his hobby of painting. They made quick friends with their neighbors, who became like a second family to them. Then, a few years later, Halina was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After going through so much together, George remained committed to being her caretaker. In 2006, it became clear that Halina needed additional care, so she moved into a nursing home in Mount Pleasant. Not wanting to live in their home alone, George sold it and moved into a condo so that he would not be so far away from his wife. One of the workers, concerned about his ability to access a good meal, referred him to East Cooper Meals on Wheels. He has bad vision in one eye, significant hearing loss, suffers from anemia, and sometimes struggles with his balance. He also lives off of Social Security, and with the expenses of health insurance and utilities, he didn’t have the money to go out to eat or buy the most nutritious meals. The daily meals kept him strong enough to visit with Halina until she passed away last year. With his sons living far away and his closest friend living on James Island, the meals are more important now than ever. After all he’s been through George says, “I’m making do with life these days, and Meals on Wheels makes my life a little better. I really enjoy getting to spend some time each day talking to the nice people who bring my meals.”

WILLIAM & DEBORAH WROTE TO SAY THANK YOU Since the summer of 2008, the O’Connells have been counting on Meals on Wheels for their daily lunch. William and Deborah live in a subdivision on Highway 41 and, at 87 and 85 years of age respectively, they couldn’t be more grateful for the meals that our volunteers deliver each day. Cooking and grocery shopping may not be easy for them, but they frequently take the time to write a note of thanks, which shows just how much your support means to them.

East Cooper Meals On Wheels

A Season of Giving

You brought so much joy to our recipients during the holidays. With special meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as gifts of warmth and cards filled with the season’s greetings, the homebound in our community were able to share in the joy of the holidays.

In fact, Peg, a 79-year-old recipient on Route C, wrote to say, “For all you have done for me, I would just like to say thank you. The robe is beautiful and I know I will really enjoy it.” We are especially grateful to the following community partners who donated gifts for our recipients: All Saints Lutheran Church Christ Our King Church East Cooper Medical Center Lighthouse Church Women’s Ministry Lowcountry Senior Network Palmetto Presbyterian Church Rotary Club of Daniel Island St. Andrews Church St. Benedict Catholic Church Southcoast Community Bank State Farm—Billy Swails Sunrise Presbyterian Church

The Employees Community Fund of Boeing SC selected East Cooper Meals on Wheels to receive $5,000 in support of our meal delivery program.

Volunteers Bill & Camille Rowell delivered meals and presents in celebration of the holidays.

Winter/Spring 2014

1st Oyster Roast Fun! On October 27th, we hosted our first-ever oyster roast on Goldbug Island. Around 200 people joined us for bivalves from The Noisy Oyster, a chili throwdown, live music from Awendaw Green musicians, and a pictureperfect afternoon. Thank you to the East Cooper Outboard Motor Club for sharing their spectacular views with us.

Around 200 people joined us on Goldbug Island for our first-ever oyster roast!

Volunteers of all ages joined us on December 23rd to pack and deliver special meals for Christmas.

Once again, Cub Scout Pack 470, along with Boy Scout Troops 59 and 529, collected food for our pantry and the pantry at ECCO during the Mount Pleasant Christmas parade.

Our Chili Throwdown featured Betsy Dross, one of our dedicated volunteers, and Brannon Florie, owner and executive chef of The Granary. For the third year in a row, employees from East Cooper Medical Center collected gifts for our recipients.





We are delighted to welcome Harry Sewell and Lauren Adams to our staff. Harry is handling the heavy lifting in our operations area, and he is excited to explore additional ways to use his talents in support of our mission. Lauren joins us as our Communications & Event Manager and will handle everything from producing this newsletter and social media updates to managing our fundraising events throughout the year.

Youth and parents from St. Peter’s Church packed over 200 bags of fixins’ to help our recipients enjoy a special Thanksgiving meal with their families.

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Rev. Joe Carnes Ananias to serve a three year term. Rev. Ananias is the associate rector for young adults and outreach at Christ Church. We also wish a fond farewell to employees Greg Weathers and Sarah Vega. Greg is now working for one of our partners, Lowcountry Food Bank, and Sarah is now a full-time mom to her 16-month old son.

Crews Subaru of Charleston volunteered for several days during the holidays as part of the Share the Love campaign.


On December 3rd, we asked people to celebrate #GivingTuesday by donating $16—enough to feed someone who is homebound for one week.

East Cooper Meals On Wheels

Winter/Spring 2014


Letter from the President


ooking back at 2013, the one word we heard most often was change. We know that 10,000 people are turning 65 every single day. We know that people are living longer and they want to remain in their own homes. We know that 8.8

million of our nation’s elderly struggle with hunger.

At our national Meals on Wheels conference in August, Meals on Wheels Association of America President/CEO Ellie Hollander said, “We can’t solve tomorrow’s problems with today’s tools.” We know we must look to the future and ask ourselves what this

450 Recipients F

community will need from East Cooper Meals on Wheels.

ed a Nutritious M

Amid all this change, our focus remains the same – to deliver a nutritious meal to those who cannot drive themselves to the grocery store or stand at the stove long enough to cook their own meal. We will continue to provide the daily visits, which mean so much to our recipients, and also continue to partner with other organizations to meet the


needs that extend beyond our mission. Your support for East Cooper Meals on Wheels allows us to serve people of all ages and incomes so they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from. In 2014, we’ll continue to serve our current recipients while assessing our current operations and explore what it will take to meet the needs of our homebound neighbors in the years to come. Because of you, we’re ready and able to serve the next person who calls on us for help this year. Thank you. Best regards,


400 Amazing Volunte

George Roberts President/CEO

ips to h s r e n rt


for ocate

y ds Be


529 Community P


utrit N d n o

94 Pa



Support & Revenue 24.10%



42.25% 18.49% 4.6% 9.4%

Program Administrative Fundraising

$914,912 $49,376 $100,238 $1,064,526 ____________________________________-__________________


eals De 134,945 M


General Contributions Fundraising Events Grants In-Kind Support Interest & Other

$462,775 $164,560

$202,491 $264,000 $1,500 $1,095,326


*These are unaudited figures. The 2013 audit will be performed by Hyland, Ruddy and Garbett, CPAs, LLC in the coming months.


East Cooper Meals On Wheels

Winter/Spring 2014

2013 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS East Cooper Meals on Wheels wishes to express the utmost gratitude to the following individuals for their support of our mission. Every effort has been made to accurately reflect monetary contributions made from January 1 through December 31, 2013. Please contact us if you note any errors or omissions.

1985 CIRCLE $10,000+ Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Marc New Mr. and Mrs. David Stone VISIONARY CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Prabhakar Baliga Ms. Ellen Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. William Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wally Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ulmer CORNERSTONE CIRCLE $2,500 - $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Barley Mrs. Diane Carr Mr. and Mrs. George Durney Ms. Diane Goff Mr. and Mrs. Manny Gonzales Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gonzales Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harper Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Key Ms. Diane Lauritsen Dr. and Mrs. John Maize Mr. Thomas Pope Mr. and Mrs. Billy Swails PARTNERSHIP CIRCLE $1,000 - $2,499 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Armfield The Attanasi Family Mr. and Mrs. David Brollier Mr. Tom Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Allen Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Jim DeLaney Mr. and Mrs. Fred Figge Mr. and Mrs. Bill Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gironda Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Glenn Mr. and Mrs. William Grech Senator Ernest F. Hollings Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horton Mr. and Mrs. Preston Howard Mr. and Mrs. Billy Kelly Ms. Linda Ketner Mr. and Mrs. William Khouri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirk Ms. Sheree Chin Ledwell Drs. John and Siobhan Maize Ms. Laura Mateo Ms. Lydia Blanton Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McElwee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Odierna Mr. L. Wayne Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Michael Psenka Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Royall Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sanders Dr. Carol Simmons Mr. Grange Simons Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slack Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Smith Mr. William Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Hay Sparks, Jr. Ms. Thomasena Stokes-Marshall Mr. Paul Strickler Mr. and Mrs. William Tausig Mr. Jack Vax and Ms. Esther Bast Ms. Patience Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warrick Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yarbrough ADVOCACY CIRCLE $500 - $999 Mr. Juan Acevedo Mr. and Mrs. John Bailes Mrs. Nancy Bates Mr. and Mrs. Gary Baucom Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Barry Blackburn Dr. John Blincow


Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bohn Mr. James Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bundy Col. and Mrs. Robert Burton Ms. Catherine Couch and Mr. Fernando Casasco Mrs. Eugenia Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chassereau Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chitty Mr. and Mrs. John Ciccone Ms. Mary Lou Condy Mr. Hal Currey and Ms. Margaret Schachte Ms. Leola Daly Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. DiPiro Ms. Ann Donaldson Mr. Michael Elsner Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fary RADM. and Mrs. James Flatley Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Forrest Dr. and Mrs. Sebastian Gaeta Mr. David Garr Col. and Mrs. Willard Gideon Mrs. Harriet Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Hamlin Ms. Jenny Lynn Hanzel Mr. and Mrs. Emory Haselden Mr. and Mrs. Theron Hegler Mr. David Henley Mrs. Kristi Hood Ms. Patricia Horton Mrs. Jennifer Hunter Ms. Francis Hutto Ms. Jane Johnson Ms. Maura Johnson Mr. Rufus Jones Ms. Marilyn Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kent Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Kitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Lantz Mr. and Mrs. Kim Magraw Mr. Ernest Masters, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Mays Mrs. Vickie McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Troy McLeod Mr. Norman McNair Mr. and Mrs. Steven McSwain Mrs. Carole B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moose Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mosbacher Mr. Howard Parsons Ms. Joanne Patton Mr. James Plair Mr. Vinson Potter Mr. and Mrs. Bill Proctor Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Query Mr. and Mrs. William Quick Ms. Karen Rankine Mr. and Mrs. Michael Renault Ms. Kathy Roberts Ms. Gayle P. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Earvin Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rose Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Rich Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Strum Ms. Agatha Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John Tinnell Ms. Joan Wherley Ms. Joan Williams Mr. Earl Willoughby Mr. Charles Young Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young, Jr. LOYALTY CIRCLE $250 - $499 Mr. John Albrecht Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ambler Mr. and Mrs. Brady Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnfield Mr. and Mrs. Gary Beeler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boensch Mr. Jim Bowring and Ms. Sharla Gould Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brifnek Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Burdick Mr. and Mrs. Lon Burleson

Ms. Elizabeth Burn Mrs. Katherine Butler Mr. Brian Carmody Mr. Robert Castro, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Chambers Ms. Janice Chestnut Mr. Frank Cisa Henry J Clark Family Limited Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cole Mr. and Mrs. Nick Collins Mr. and Mrs. Mark Condon Mr. and Mrs. George Cornmesser Mr. and Mrs. James Crona Mr. Ram Dachepalli Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Dawson Ms. Mary Decker Mr. and Mrs. John Dougherty Mr. Robert Draughn Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Edwards Ms. Elizabeth Erckmann Ms. Linda Estee Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gay Mrs. Mary German Mrs. Ellen Gex Mr. and Mrs. James Gilbert Mrs. Kerry Goldmeyer Mr. Dale Good Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gordy Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gough Mr. and Mrs. David P. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenway Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Gregorie Mrs. Barbara Gwyn Mrs. Kellie Gypin Ms. Sandy Harjes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Haynie Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar Helsley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Herbert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Holscher Mr. Asbury Hudson Mr. Yale Huett Mr. and Mrs. William Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jerome Mr. Patrick Kennedy Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr. Henry Kennedy Mr. Melvin King Mr. John Kizer Ms. Christy Leach Mr. and Mrs. Grier Lesslie Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Limata Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lipman Christian MacIver Ms. Jill Maxwell Mr. Joseph McCormick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brent McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGovern Mr. and Mrs. William McLean Dr. and Mrs. Edmund McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Phillip McRae Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mead Mr. and Mrs. James Mears Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mixson Mr. Anthony Moody Ms. Sharon Moody Mr. Michael Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mounts Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mussatti Mr. Andrew Narcisso Dr. and Mrs. Chris Nielsen Ms. Betty B. Olsen Mr. Max Ozor Ms. Mary Jo Parker Ms. Elaine Devlin Peery Mrs. Janis Ploth Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pratt-Thomas Mr. Tim Presnell Mrs. Kitty Proctor Ms. Catherine Riley Ms. Judy Rischer Ms. Elizabeth Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Ed Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roderick Mr. Mike Rousseau Mr. John H. Russell Ms. Sharon Sallee

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Sass Ms. Vera Schelansky Mr. Mark Segal Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sharp Mr. Charles Shipp Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick Simons Mr. Craig Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephenson Ms. Leesa Still Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Terrero Mr. James Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ward, Sr. Mr. Charles Way Ms. Mary Way Mr. Philip Weakland Ms. Elizabeth White Ms. Adrian Wieland Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Williams Drs. James Wilson and Cynthia Murphy Mr. Chris Winn Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wise Ms. Yancey Wise Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wright Ms. Cathy Young Mr. Dennis Young Mr. Mike Zaloumis FRIENDS OF MEALS ON WHEELS $100 - $249 Mr. and Mrs. David Adams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albano Mr. Gerald J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Altman Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Amburn Mr. Duane Antonevich Mr. and Mrs. James Arcure Mr. and Mrs. Alan Arthur Ms. Jane Assey Ms. Norma D. Auld Mr. and Mrs. James Bagby Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williams Bailey Ms. Julia Bailey Ms. Mary Baker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Balassone Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ballenger Mr. and Mrs. Willis Barber Ms. Regine Barker Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Beall Mrs. Hazel Bearden Mr. Mark Beasenburg Ms. Fran Beightol Mrs. Charlene Bell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell Ms. Jane Bell-Russo Mrs. Maggie Bender Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Benich Ms. Janet Berg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Berman Ms. Opal Bigelow Mr. Richard Bischoff Ms. Tracy Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blackhall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blasko Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bonar Mr. and Mrs. John Bonds Mrs. Pamela Boulet Mr. Alan Bowen Ms. Janet Bowie Dr. Robert Brame Mr. Will Brock Mr. and Mrs. Graham Brough Mr. Roger Brown Ms. Sherry Brown Capt. and Mrs. Frank Bryant Dr. and Mrs. G. Stephen Buck Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Buckheister Ms. Ginny Buffkin Mrs. Carolyn Burson Mr. James Cabaniss Mr. Charles Roy Cadieu Dr. Joseph Calandra Ms. Gretchen Call Ms. Effie Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Chip Campsen Mr. John Cantey, Jr. Ms. Sandra Carbone Mr. Stanley Carlyle Ms. Trudy Carnahan Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Caroff Mr. William Carr Ms. Lisa Carrels Dr. and Mrs. James Carter Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Carter Ms. Kathleen Cassels Ms. June Castell Ms. Sally Castengera Mr. L. Daniel Causey Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Cavendish Mr. Patrick Cawley and Ms. Pamela Charity Mr. and Mrs. David Chadbourne Mr. William Charlesworth Mrs. Anne Cisa Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ciucci Ms. Pat Clark Ms. Dorothy Clinton Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Marc Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Collins Mr. and Mrs. David Compton Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Conhagen, Jr. Duffy Connolly Dr. William Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Dale Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Corriveau Christel M. Cothran Ms. Rosanne Coulter Ms. Cathy Courtney Mr. Scott Cracraft

Ms. Jennifer Cranny Mr. Thomas Cruden Ms. Brandy Culp Mr. Charles Cumbaa Ms. Martha Cummings Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Cushing Mr. and Mrs. William Daley Ms. Marianne Daly Mr. and Mrs. John Dalzell Mr. Ossie Daniel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Danielson Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Dantzler Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Darby II Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Darby Mr. and Mrs. John Darby Ms. Linda Darga Ms. Diane Davidson Ms. Lynda F. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Victor Del Bene Ms. Lynda Denberg Mr. and Mrs. John Denning Petra and Norman Deubig Mr. Doug DeWolff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dingle Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiNicola Mr. T.J. Dodds Dr. Marion Doig Mr. Bobby Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dorio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drew Ms. Diane Dufour Mr. Thomas Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dunn Mr. Michael Eddy Dr. and Mrs. James Edwards Mr. John Edwards Dr. and Mrs. Nick Elksnin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Elliott Ms. Jerodene Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Bill Emery Drs. Lydia Engelhardt and William Rambo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Ken Evans Ms. Patti Evans Rev. Judith Ewing Mrs. Mary Fair Mrs. Glenda Fanning Mr. Michael Ferri Dr. and Mrs. Gary Fink Ms. Elaine Fiorillo Mr. and Mrs. Evan Firestone Ms. Amy Forren Ms. Barbara Forte Ms. Ann Marie Fortner Mr. Charles Foster Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Frampton Ms. Rhoda Freda Mr. Gary Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Larry Free Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Freeburg Mrs. Crawford Freeman Mr. Eric Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fulgham Mr. and Mrs. David Fulton Mr. Thomas Galas Mr. Leonard Gantler and Ms. Patricia Cetrone Ms. Nancy Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Gautreaux Ms. Marcia Geddings Mr. Gerald George Ms. Christine Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Giffen Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Gilliam Ms. Virginia Ann Glover Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goddard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gommel Mr. James Goodwin Ms. Penelope Gorby Ms. Constance Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gottesman Mr. and Mrs. Kent Gourdin Ms. Jeanette Graham Mr. and Mrs. David Greenburg Mr. and Mrs. Ted Grell Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grogan Jing Sheng Guo Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gurley Mr. and Mrs. Brew Hagood Mr. and Mrs. Charleton Hamby Mrs. Christine Hamrick Mrs. Patricia Hane Mr. Thomas P. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harder Mr. Clay Harper Ms. Amy Harrell Ms. Elizabeth Harrison Ms. Ann Hart Mr. Larry Hart Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hartzog Ms. Kathleen Harwell Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hassell Ms. Maureen Hawes Mr. James Hawk Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk Mrs. Marva Hayne Mr. Greg Heard Ms. Sarah Hemingway Ms. Susan Henderlite Mr. Elmer Henderson Mr. John Henning Mr. Robert Hervey Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hightower Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill Ms. Jean Hinds Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hixon Ms. Dorothy Hoerr Mr. Barry Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. John Honeycutt III

Mr. Richard Horger Ms. Rhonda Howell Ms. Carol Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Huett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hughes Ms. Rosa Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hunnicutt Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hyland Mr. and Mrs. George Inabinet Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Iseman Mr. Michael Jackson Ms. Susan Jacobsen Ms. Susan Jacoby Dr. and Mrs. Joseph James Mr. and Mrs. Al Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Walt Jenner Mr. and Mrs. Sipio Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Judson Mr. Aaron Justice Mr. Joe Kahrs Ms. Lisa Keenan Ms. Gretchen Keller Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Keller Ms. Annette Kibler Dr. Gordon Kimbrell Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kingsmore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirchner Ms. Elizabeth Knight Mr. Frederick Koch Mr. and Mrs. Neal Kraemer Mr. and Mrs. Cary Krieger Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kruger Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kueck Ms. Donna Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ladd Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lahti Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lambert, Jr. Mr. Pearon Lang Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lawhon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lawson Mr. and Mrs. John Lazarchick Mr. and Mrs. James Ledlie Ms. Beth Lee Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel LePoutre Mr. Perry LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. James Levin Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lightner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Liles Mr. and Mrs. Richard Link Mr. James Lisk Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Little Mr. Claude Loadholt Mr. and Mrs. Claude Loadholt Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Loiacano Col. and Mrs. Thomas Lollis Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Londot Mr. Gary Lopez Mr. David Loring Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lovelace Ms. Cynthia Lowenthal Mr. Patrick Luciano, CPA Mr. Paul Eric Lund and Ms. Margaret Lawton Mr. Thomas Lupton III Mr. David Lyle, Jr. Ms. Theodesa Lyles Mr. Doug MacCallum Ms. Elizabeth Mahoney Mr. George Makar Mr. and Mrs. Bill Manaris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marchant Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marchewka Mrs. Rosalind Margolis Ms. Carol Lee Marshall Mr. David Martin Ms. Melissa Martin Mr. and Mrs. Tony Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matysek Mr. Joe Maupin Ms. Cathy McAlister - Ross Mr. and Mrs. John McAnaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBride Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McConnell Mrs. Mai McCrory Mrs. Lucy McDaniel Ms. Kathi McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDermott Ms. Marty Glynn McGee Mrs. Fay McKay Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKenzie Mr. Patrick McKenzie Ms. Elisabeth McLean Mr. and Mrs. Scott McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McNally Mr. James Meister, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Melchers Ms. Anna Merz Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Michael Ms. Sara Michelin Mr. and Mrs. Mel Miles Ms. Janice Mills Mr. Stancil Mizell Ms. Cynthia Mizzell Mr. Bruce Mlott Ms. Sharon Moeckel Ms. Mary Molony Ms. Carolyn Moore Ms. Midge Moran Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moren Ms. Laura Morris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Mueller Ms. Cathy Young Murray Ms. Patricia Nance Dr. and Mrs. James Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson Mr. William Nettles

East Cooper Meals On Wheels Mr. and Mrs. William Neville Ms. Nora Norman Ms. Mary O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Odom Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olbrich Mr. and Mrs. William Oldland Mr. John O'Leary Gopiganth Omraju Dr. Patrick O'Neil Ms. Gina Orr Mr. Mark Osment Ms. Jeanine Otto Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Alan Pape Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pastva Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pate Mr. Haynes Payne Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Sam Payne Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Peters Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pierce Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Pinckney Ms. Paula Pisarski Ms. Anne Pittard Mr. Joseph Polking Ms. Louise Pope Mr. and Mrs. Francis Porcher Mr. Keith Potter Mr. E. Donald Pounder Mr. Melvin Price Mr. and Mrs.Walter Pringle Ms. Patricia Prior Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pruitt Dr. Jennifer Pullano Dr. and Mrs. Dilip Purohit Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Queen Ms. Anne Raines Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ramey Ms. Carrie Randall Mr. and Mrs. Luke Rapach Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rasheed Ms. Marjorie Rath Mr. Arthur Ravenel Mr. and Mrs. William Raver Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raymond Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard Redden Mr. Robert Reece Ms. Elizabeth Reidenbach Ms. Margaret Reider Mr. and Mrs. James Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Reuben Mr. Edward Reynolds Mrs. Meleah Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Sean Reynolds Ms. Harriet Rhyne Mr. and Mrs. Roland Richard MSGT (Ret) Alfred Richardson Mr. Phillip R. Ridgley Mr. Frederick Riesen Mr. and Mrs. Philip Riker Ms. Rosalind Rivers Dr. and Mrs. John Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roberts Ms. Anne Robichaux Mr. and Mrs. Les Robinson Mr. Franklin Robuck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Rodenberg Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rodgers Ms. Pamela Rodgers Ms. Constance Rosser Ms. Mary Royall Mr. and Mrs. Lew Royster Mr. Robert Rubinstein Mr. David Rudd Mr. and Mrs. John L. Rusher Mr. Dowse Rustin Dr. Rochelle Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Scott Saad Mr. Charles Sabata Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders Ms. Susan Santangelo Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schoedler Ms. Debra Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scofield Mr. Robert Seawright Mrs. Lucy Segal Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Selander Mr. and Mrs. John Selby Mr. and Mrs. B.D. Sessoms Mr. and Mrs. Bill Settlemyer Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sexton, Jr. Ms. Rose Sheaffer Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sheffield Mr. Jonathan Ray Shepard Ms. Diane Sherman Ms. Cathy Shoemaker Ms. Stephanie Shuster Ms. Mildred Simmons MSGT(RET USAF) Paul Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slowey Ms. Betty Smart Mr. Craig Smith Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Ms. Jeanne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Phil Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lesesne Smith LM Smith Mr. and Mrs. George Smyth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sneed Col. And Mrs. Beverly Snow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Somers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Speer Mrs. Karen Spires and Ms. Sara Spires Mr. and Mrs. Howard Steadman Mr. and Mrs. Monte Stenger Mr. Michael Sternstein Mrs. Juanita Steuer Mr. and Mrs. David Stevens Mr. Marlin Stewart Ms. Donna Smith Ms. Loretta Stokes Mr. William Stokes Mr. Matt Story Mr. and Mrs. John Strauch, III Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sturmer Ms. Brandy Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Summersett Mr. and Mrs. John Tankersley Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Tarr, Jr. Ms. Lori Taylor Mr. and Mrs. George Tener Dr. Delinda Terry

Dr. James Thesing Ms. Pam Thesing Ms. Jean Thomas Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson Ms. Mildred Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thornhill and Mr. Ryan Thornhill Mr. and Mrs. John Tiller Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Timmons Mr. Murrell Timmons Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tinkey Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tisdale Mrs. Irmgard Titus Dr. and Mrs. Terry Tranen Mr. Cambridge Trott Mr. Eddie Truesdale Dr. and Mrs. John Turchi Maj and Mrs. Robert Turnbull Mr. and Mrs. John Ulmer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ulmer, Jr. Mr. Neil Ulrich Ms. Mary Ellen Urig Mr. Rick Vale Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Valencourt Mr. Kenneth Vanek Mr. Douglas Verge Ms. Harriet Vick Mr. Wallace Walker Mr. Roderick Wallace Ms. Marian Walsh Dr. and Mrs. K.A. Warburton Ms. Nancy Waters Ms. Dolly Watson Mr. Ross Wattay Mr. and Mrs. David Watts Lt. Gen. Ronald Watts Mrs. Janet Weaver Dr. and Mrs. John Weaver Mr. Julius Skippy Weil Capt. and Mrs. James Welsch Mr. and Mrs. Edward Westbrook Dr. and Mrs. Peter Whitbeck Mrs. Joan Whitcomb Mr. David Whitten Mr. and Mrs. Ken Widener Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wielde Ms. Henrietta Wildeboer Mr. Ralph Wilkie Ms. Fannie Williams Ms. M.K. Williams Dr. and Mrs. H. Oliver Williamson Ms. Nancy Owens Willms Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wills Mrs. Lori Wilson Ms. Vivian Wohlford Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wolfswinkel Ms. Martha Woodside Mr. Curtis Wright Mr. and Mrs. David Yates Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Bill Young Ms. Sandra Zambetti CONTRIBUTORS UP TO $99 Rear Admiral and Mrs. Robert Abele Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ahern Ms. E. Ashley Alexander Ms. Carolyn Allen Mr. and Mrs. Cory Allen Ms. Julie Allison Ms. Texalee Altman Ms. Elaine Amella Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ames Mrs. Dot Ammons Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ancrum Ms. Julie Anderson Mr. Raymond Anderson, Jr. Ms. Renate Anderson Mrs. Claribel Antley Mrs. Jane Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Russel Arvidson Mr. Philip Avery Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bacon Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Badger Mr. Joshua Bagwell Ms. Joan Bailey Ms. Catherine Baisley Mr. and Mrs. Archie Baker Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baker Ms. Elizabeth Bamberg Mr. and Mrs. David Barnard Mr. Ronald Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Bartee Mr. Christ Barth Ms. Holly Bartholomew Mr. Baxter Barwick Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bass Mrs. Bonnie Bass Ms. Elaine Batchelder Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Baty Ms. Trudy Bauer Mr. and Mrs. James and Susan Beach Mr. and Mrs. William Bean Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bell Ms. Celia Bell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bell Ms. Alexandra Bennett Ms. Beulah Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett Mr. Lee Berlinsky Mr. and Mrs. David Bernanke Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Berry Ms. Hollis Haneke Besosa Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop Mr. Robert Bishopp Ms. Kimberly Blalock Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bland Mr. Richard Boettjer Mr. William Boney Col. and Mrs. Raymond Borelli Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bottone Ms. Jeanette Anderson Botts Ms. Dorothy Bowers Ms. Virginia Boyd Ms. Ethel Boykin Mr. Marcus Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Terence Brady Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brier Ms. Judy Brinson Ms. Ingrid Brisacher Ms. Deirdre Brith Ms. Tracy Brokes

Mr. Chris Brooks Mrs. Hattie Brown Mr. Randall Brown Ms. Heather Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Bryant Ms. Pauline Buck Mrs. Virginia Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Gene Budig Ms. Delores Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burbage Ms. Leslie Burbey Ms. Mary Burkett Ms. Jan Burleigh Ms. Charlotte Burley Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Burnett Col. and Mrs. Paul Burton Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Burtt Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bushey Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Butka Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Byron Ms. Maria Calderon Ms. Anna Callery Ms. Lynn Callison Ms. Ann Cameron Mr. John Camy Ms. Dolores Cannon Mrs. Paulette Cantey Ms. J. Emilie Carey Mr. Keith Carlbom Mr. and Mrs. Waddy Caron Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carr Mr. and Mrs. David Carrier Mr. Michael Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cartin Mr. William Cary Ms. Kathy Case Ms. Alexis Castellana Ms. Mimi Cathcart Mrs. Ruth Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. J. Morris Cave Ms. Judith Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chandler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chandler Ms. Sylvia Chandler Mr. Howard Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Charron Mr. John Chilton Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ciappa Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ciappa Mr. Stephen Claeys Mr. and Mrs. Kim Clark Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clarke Mrs. Allison Clay Mr. and Mrs. John Coaxum Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coffman Ms. Barbara Cohn Mrs. Carolyn Coker Mr. and Mrs. Clint Cole Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coleman Mr. John Coles Ms. Mary Linda Coley Ms. Mary Colleton Mrs. Wendy Collier Mr. and Mrs. Collins Ms. Jacqueline Collins Ms. Jany Columbo Ms. Aileen Condon Ms. Patricia Condon Ms. Ruby Condon Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cone Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Conklin Ms. Sara Conley Ms. Rita Conley-Pitts Ms. Louise Connelley Ms. Ellen Conner Mr. James Cook II Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper Mr. Sheldon Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Costa Mr. John F. Costantini Ms. Rowena Cottingham Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cotton Ms. Barbara Cox Mr. and Mrs. Philip Coyne Dr. John Cranor Ms. Betty Craven Dr. and Mrs. Fred Crawford Mr. Mike Crawford Ms. Nancy Cregg Ms. Jennifer Crider Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cross Mr. and Mrs. G. Cumming Ms. Laurene Cunningham Ms. Barbara Currey Mr. Curry Mr. Grange Cuthbert III Ms. Eleanor Daley Mr. and Mrs. Tom Damour Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Daniel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Darby Mrs. Sara Darby Mr. and Mrs. Lou Dardozzi Ms. Beth Darragh Mr. Stephen David Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Davidson Ms. Janet Davidson Mr. Brian Davies Ms. Amy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Archie Davis Ms. Isabell Davis Ms. Frances Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Brux Mrs. Lucy de Movellan Ms. Mary Ayn De Vries Mrs. Jeanne Debosh Ms. Jennifer Del Papa Mr. Henry Delay Ms. Jacqueline Denman Ms. Shannon Depiesse Mr. Harry DeShaies Mrs. Jamison DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Phil Diaddigo Ms. N. Susan Dickerson Mr. Steven Diesing Ms. Denise Disalvo Mr. Peter Doherty Ms. Patricia Dorner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Douty Mr. and Mrs. William Dovey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dowell Ms. Barbara Doyle

Winter/Spring 2014 Ms. Joan Drews Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dross Ms. Courtney Druelle Ms. Helen Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Bob Duke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dukes, Jr. Col. and Mrs. Paul Dunahoe Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DuPre Mr. and Mrs. Timothy DuPree Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Durand Mr. and Mrs. William Durst Ms. Caroline Durst Mr. and Mrs. Edwrad Dyckman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Eades Mr. and Mrs. John Earle Mr. and Mrs. George Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Mario Echavarria Ms. Mazie Edens Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Eichel Mr. William Eidson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Elliott Ms. Elizabeth Ellis Ms. Barbara Ellison

“You all literally saved my life during my down time. You all are the kindest people, and I will never forget that kindness.” - Lisa, Former Recipient Mr. Christian Ensminger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eovino Ms. Linda Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Richard Errico Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eschenbacher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eschenbacher Ms. Jocelyn Evans Ms. Gwendolyn Ewing Ms. Sarah Eyre Ms. Lolly Fabian Ms. Karen Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fields Mr. and Mrs. Don Figley Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fink Col. Ret. and Mrs. Glenn Finkbiner Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fiorentini Mr. and Mrs. George Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fitts Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald Ms. Barbara Fitzgibbon Ms. Jane Fluet Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fly-McCants Ms. Holly Forester-Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Mike Forth Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Foster Ms. Joyce Anne Foster Ms. Mary Foster Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fowler Ms. Kristine Fox Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Frampton Ms. Phyllis Francin Ms. Barbara Franks Ms. Carole Frazzitta Ms. Jordan Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Freudenheim Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frierson Mr. Leonard Fries Mr. and Mrs. John Frigo Mr. Peter Fritts Ms. Mary Gair Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. George Galos Ms. Elaine Gamble Ms. Debra Gammons Ms. Carole Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaskalla Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gates, III Caro R. Gear Mr. and Mrs. Shelly George Mr. William Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph German Mrs. Alfreda German Ms. Victoria Gianoli Ms. Joyce Gibbons Mrs. Roberta Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillow

Mr. Gerald Gimbert Ms. Carmelo Giordano Mr. John Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Girard Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg Col. and Mrs. Joseph Goodson Ms. Peggy Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. David Gorstein Ms. Miriam Grad Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham Ms. DeAnne Gray Ms. Annie Green Mr. Billy Green and Ms. Millie Shaw Col. and Mrs. Jimmy Green Ms. Miriam Green Ms. Pam Green Ms. Mary Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grillo Mrs. Grimball Ms. Maryann Grube Ms. Mary Ann Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Ted Guerard Mr. and Mrs. Legrand Guerry Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gwinnup Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hagy Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Haight Mr. Glenn Hair Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hairfield Mr. and Mrs. John Halbig Ms. Kathleen Hale-Getman Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hall Ms. Susan L. Hall Mrs. Whitney Hammett Ms. Judith Hand Mr. and Mrs. James Hansen Mrs. Ann Hargett Mrs. Elizabeth Harley Dr. Joseph Harmon Ms. Melinda Harper Mrs. Betty Jean Harris Mr. Robert Harris Mr. and Mrs. George Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harvey Rev. and Mrs. James Hatcher Ms. Debra Hatem Ms. Paige Hatley Ms. Barbara Hatten Mrs. Helen Hayes Ms. Susan Haynie Ms. Mildred Hazel Ms. Rovena Hazel Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hearne Mr. and Mrs. Airody Hebbar Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hebda Ms. Terri Kay Hegel Mr. and Mrs. John Heidenreich Ms. Susan Gaillard Taylor Hemminger Ms. Shirley Hendrix Ms. Betty Hennessy Ms. Suzanne Herms Mr. Jay Herr Ms. Nadine Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hesse Ms. Megan Higbie Dr. and Mrs. Tom Higerd Ms. Heather Hill Ms. Margaret Hill Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Hille Mr. D. Robert Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. David Hirsch Ms. Barbara Hobson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman Mr. David Hogan Mr. and Mrs. William Hogan Mr. and Mrs. James Hogg Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Holcombe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hollen Mr. and Mrs. S. Guilds Hollowell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Holmes Dr. Ashley Holmes Mr. and Mrs. William Holmquist Ms. Jean Holst Dr. and Mrs. E.O. Horger, III, M.D. Ms. Laverne Horlback Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horne Mr. Terrell Horres Mr. and Mrs. Fred Howell Mr. and Mrs. William Howle Ms. Sharon Hox Barbel Hueskin Mr. David Huff Ms. Emmalissa Huff Ms. Ethel Hughes Dr. and Mrs. D. Michael Hull Ms. Mildred Hulme Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hunter Mr. and Mrs. David Huntley Mr. and Mrs. Al Hutchinson Mr. John Hyatt Ms. Susan Hyde Ms. Elizabeth Ilderton Ms. Elizabeth Imsande Mr. Richard Jablonski

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jackson Mr. Ozane Jackson Ms. Adrienne Jacobsen Mr. and Mrs. David Jaffee Ms. Lucille Jefferson Ms. Grace Jernberg Ms. Colleen Jernigan Ms. Sarah Jernigan Mr. C.A. Johannesmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr. Fred Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson Robbie Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnson Mrs. Lois Johnston Ms. Andrea Jones Ms. Emily Jones Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones, Jr. Ms. Judy Jones Mrs. Sarah Jones Mr. Jamiel Kadri Ms. Rene Kaiser Ms. Joyce Karnazes Mr. and Mrs. John Kassebaum Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kau Ms. Jane Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Alan Keith Ms. Ann Keith Ms. Sally Keltner Mr. and Mrs. Kennett Kendall Mrs. Joan Kennedy Mr. Rodger Kennerly Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kerley Mr. and Mrs. Beau Kern Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kiggans Mr. and Mrs. Hugh King Ms. Amelia King Mrs. Anne Kisabeth Mrs. Alma Kiser Mr. Hoyt Kiser, Jr. Lt. Col. John Kite Mr. and Mrs. James Kizer Ms. Sheila Kolb Ms. Mary Koob Ms. Gloria Kroll Ms. Barbara Kuczynski Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kumfer Ms. Suzanne Kuppens Ms. Shirley Lacey Ms. Louise Lachicotte Ms. Jeanette Lacoppola Ms. Vivian Laflamme Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lamanna III Ms. Sabine LaMarche Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lambert Mr. Donald Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lang, Jr. Ms. Rita Langley Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lanier Ms. Marie Lannie Ms. Esther Lapin Ms. Justina Lasley and Mr. Chad Minifie Ms. Laura LaTorre Mr. John J. LaTorre, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lauderdale Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lawall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lawson Mr. Thomas Lawton Mr. and Mrs. William Lea Mr. and Mrs. Ben Legare, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Lemon Mr. Matthew Lendzinski Ms. Victoria Lent Mr. Frank Lepore Ms. Margaret Lesesne Ms. Maryette Lesesne Mr. and Mrs. William Lesesne Mr. and Mrs. Julian Levin Mr. Paul Levy Ms. Yvonne Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Litvin Mr. Tripp Livingston Ms. Betty Lizarralde Mr. and Mrs. James Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. William Logan Ms. Margaret Lopresti Mr. and Mrs. William Loud Mr. and Mrs. Carl Love Ms. Linda Lovingood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lovito Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lundwall Ms. Bonny Luthy Mrs. Julie Lutrario Mr. Mark Lutz Mr. Robert Mackie Ms. Judith Macpherson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Maglione Ms. Kim Magraw Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Maher


East Cooper Meals On Wheels Mr. and Mrs. William Major Mr. and Mrs. John Manigault Ms. Sallylee Mansfield Mr. Jerry Marindin Ms. Beatrice Marks Mr. and Mrs. Roger Markwald Mr. and Mrs. John Marrs Ms. Jane Marshall Ms. Anne Martin Mr. Curtis Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Martin, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martschink Ms. Cathy Mason Ms. Jean Masonis Mr. Josh Masonry Mr. James Masuga Mrs. Carolyne Mathis Ms. Jacquelyn Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maughon Ms. Melissa Maxwell Ms. Judy Mayo Ms. Beth McCandless Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy Mr. Brandon McCaslin Ms. Robyn McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCord Mr. Brian McCoy Mr. David McCrary Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCune, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ken McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Bob McDowell Ms. Jessica McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McGowan Ms. Helen McInnis Miss Erin McKee Mr. and Mrs. James McKenna Ms. Sandra McKenzie Mr. Ralph McLaughlin Ms. Janet McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Sidney McMahon Ms. Gertrude McManus Mr. and Mrs. Donald McMillan Ms. Lisa McMillan Mr. and Mrs. James McNab Mr. and Mrs. David McNair Mr. Kevin McNamara Ms. Pauline McNeill Mr. Cal McRae Ms. Wilma McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meddaugh Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mellichamp Ms. Teresa Mello Mr. Robert Mercorelli Mr. and Mrs. Owen Merrill Mrs. Nancy Mescher Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Michi Ms. Jessie Mikell Mr. D. Sherwood Miler III Ms. Francis Millard Mr. David Miller Ms. Cynthia Miller SGT-MAJ and Mrs. Sydney Miller Mr. and Mrs. Philip Minges Ms. Bernice Minors Ms. Kelly Mitchell Ms. Sylvia Mithcum Mr. Charles Moonly Jr. Mrs. Barbara Moore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moore

Ms. Kyndra Moore Ms. Rhetta Moore Ms. Dana Moorer Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morrill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Mr. and Mrs. William Morrison Jr. Ms. Rita Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morse Ms. Claudia Morton Mr. Gerold Muckenfuss Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mueller Mr. Scott Mullen Ms. Mary Muller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muller Mr. Douglas Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murphy Mr. Alex Murray, Jr. Mr. Lawrence Murray Mrs. Wealthy Murrell Mr. and Mrs. William Musselwhite Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mustin Ms. Janet Myder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Naas Mr. Mark Nault Ms. Janet Neal Mr. Dennis Necker Ms. Alyssa Neely Mr. and Mrs. George Newton Mr. and Mrs. Mark Niswonger Ms. Pamela Njoroge Ms. Patricia Norlander Ms. Patricia Normile Mr. and Mrs. Fred Norris Dr. and Mrs. Robert Notari Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nybo Ms. Kristianna Ober Dr. and Mrs. Terrence O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Connor Ms. Lauren O'Connor Mr. Gordon Ogle Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O'Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Orcutt Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ormson Mr. and Mrs. Justin Orrell-Jones Ms. Dawn Orvig Mr. and Mrs. Billy Orvin Mr. and Mrs. David Osborne Ms. Jean Osborne Ms. Dolores Osuna Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Ott Mr. and Mrs. Gary Paddock Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Palka Mr. Matthew Pardieck Ms. Linda Parker Ms. Melissa Parker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parker Mr. and Mrs. William Parrish Mrs. Bonnie Parsons Ms. Margarita Pate Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearsall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peele Ms. Elise Peeples Ms. Sharon Penny Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Penuel Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Perbeck Ms. Louise Rhett Perry Ms. Teresa Pickens Mr. Bruce Pietkiewicz

Ms. Lea Pinckney Ms. Shana Pinkston Mr. and Mrs. Will Player Mr. and Mrs. Greg Poetz Ms. Bernice Polk Ms. Jan Pomerantz Mr. and Mrs. David Pool Mr. and Mrs. Roger Poole Mr. and Mrs. John Poretto Mr. and Mrs. Donald Porter Ms. Leslie C. Poteat Ms. Sandra Poulnot Mr. and Mrs. John Poulsen Ms. Donna Powell Ms. Jo Ann Powell Dr. and Mrs. John Pratt Mr. and Mrs. John Price Ms. Marion Proffitt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Protsman Ms. Margaret Pruett Ms. Linda Puig Ms. Patricia Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pysch Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Quinn Mr. and Mrs. James Radley Ms. Sandra K. Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Julian Raney Ms. Kathy Raymond Mr. and Mrs. James Reavis Mrs. Delores De C. Redman Ms. Karen Reece Mr. James Reed Ms. Peggy Reeves Mr. Frank Renau Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rhea Ms. Lynn Richmond Ms. Melissa Rigsby Ms. Dawn Riordan Ms. Paula Rivers Ms. Vickie Rivers-Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Rivkind Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Thom Roberts Ms. Lucille Robertson Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson Mr. and Mrs. William Rodenberg Mrs. Tracy Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rollins Ms. Bren Romano Monteiro Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rose Mr. Marvin Rosenberg Mr. Frank Rossi Ms. Joan Roth Mr. and Mrs. William Roudebush Mr. and Mrs. Bill Royall Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Rubano Mr. and Mrs. John Ruja Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rumer Ms. Karen Runkle Mr. and Mrs. Ned Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Henry Russell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan Ms. Emerita Salgado Orlando Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sandifer Mr. Allen Sauer Mr. Alan Sayer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schaub

Winter/Spring 2014 Ms. Pat Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Schmitz Mr. Brian Scholtens Mrs. Gabrielle Schreck Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schreck Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schulman Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schwartz Ms. Ruby Schweers Mr. and Mrs. James Sciarro Mr. Robert Scott Ms. Sallie Scott Mr. E.M. Seabrook Ms. Mary Agnes Seabrook Mr. and Mrs. Larry Seese Ms. Margaret Seidler Mr. and Mrs. John Selby Mrs. Maryellen Severini Mr. and Mrs. James Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shaw Mr. and Mrs. William Shealy Mr. Malcom Shealy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Sheats Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Shelor Mrs. Dean Farmer Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Roger Shields Dr. Judy Shillito Mr. and Mrs. William Shirer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Shoultz Mr. and Mrs. Harley Shults Ms. Priscilla Shumway Ms. Gail Sibley Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sidwell Mr. and Mrs. John Sigler Mr. David Sikes Mrs. Katherine Simms Mr. Daniel Simon Mr. Carlton Simons Ms. Mary Simons Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Simpson Ms. Emily Singleton Mrs. Orseanith Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Sinnott Mr. John Sison Mr. and Mrs. George Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Skelton Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sloggett Mr. and Mrs. James Smalls Mr. and Mrs. James Smiley Ms. Barbara Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smith Mr. Buddy Smith Ms. Catalina Smith and Ms. Kelley Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Ms. Esther T. Smith Ms. Karen Smith Ms. Linda Smith-Perry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kruger Smith Mr. Melvyn Smith Mr. Richard Smith Mrs. Sharon B. Smith Mr. Thomas Smith Ms. Shellie Snider Mr. James F. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Edward Soltis Mrs. Betty Spain

Ms. Anne Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spencer Mr. William Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Spivey Ms. Nancy Springs Ms. Barbara Standafer Ms. Carol Stanford CDR and Mrs. Patrick Stanton Mr. and Mrs. G. Brian Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stapleton Mr. Robbie Staubes Ms. Jane Pilling Steber Ms. Nancy Stedman Ms. Billie Sue Stein Ms. Faye Steuer Ms. Monica Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stewart Mr. Peter Stirling Ms. Mary Stone Ms. Nancy Stone Mrs. Grace Strother Mr. and Mrs. David Sullivan Mrs. Katherin Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Steven Swift Ms. Wendi Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Talbert Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tallmadge Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tanis Mr. and Mrs. James Tapager Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tappan Ms. Jeanette Tarr Mr. Clayton Taylor Mr. Hugh Teasley Ms. Trudy Terla Mr. Jeff Terry Mr. and Mrs. Dale Theiling Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thesing Mrs. Jessica Thiessen Mr. and Mrs. James Thigpen Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Mr. Cary Thornal Ms. Elizabeth Tiller Mr. and Mrs. James Tobias Ms. Diana Topjian Mr. Benjamin Townsend Ms. Katherine Treado Mr. and Mrs. Brian Truluck Mr. Thomas Turnage Mr. and Mrs. Gary Turner Ms. Arthuree Turner Mr. and Mrs. John Urbanic Mr. and Mrs. John Vaden Mr. Richard Vale Dr. Sara Vale Mr. Hilary Vanderbloemen Ms. Tonya Vanderhoof Captain and Mrs. Charles Vath Ms. Mary Ann Vaxmonsky Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vega Ms. Doris Verge Mr. Charles Vernoy Ms. Bonnie Vest Ms. Helen Vishniax Ms. Jan Visser

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2013 COMMUNITY PARTNERS In addition to the support of more than 1,800 individuals and 450 businesses, churches, civic groups, foundations and community organizations sustained East Cooper Meals on Wheels through monetary contributions last year. $10,000+ Coastal Community Foundation of SC MeadWestvaco Corporation Town of Mount Pleasant Vicki L. & Rodney B. Mott Family Foundation Verhagen Foundation Walmart Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Bank of America Charitable Foundation Berkeley Electric Trust Ceres Foundation, Inc. Daniel Island Community Fund Employees Community Fund of Boeing SC Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation Inc. Jean and James Rion Endowment Fund Meals on Wheels Association of America Motley Rice, LLC Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church Rotary Club of Daniel Island Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Southern Season Share the Food Foundation, Inc.

$2,500 - $4,999 A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates Benefitfocus, Inc. Christ Our King Church East Cooper Newcomers Club East Cooper Outboard Motor Club Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program, TUW Lowcountry Residential Builders, Inc. O'Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. Roper St. Francis Healthcare Royall Ace Hardware, Inc. State Farm - Billy Swails The Boulevard at Coleman, LLC The Ladies Benevolent Society of Charleston Whole Foods Market $1,000 - $2,499 All Saints Lutheran Church Banfield Charitable Trust Banks Construction Berkeley Electric Cooperative Blackbaud Boomtown, LLC BP - AMOCO Chemical Corp. BP Fabric of America Fund Bryson Properties

Carolina Custom Security & Sound, Inc. Coastal Carolina Corvette Club Coastal Cool Change Properties Crews Subaru of Charleston David and Chrissy Williams Fund Detyens Shipyard Direct Marketers of Charleston East Cooper Medical Center Elms Digestive Feed the Need First Federal of Charleston First United Methodist Church Friendship AME Church Grace E and Louis Dewolff Foundation, Inc. Harper James Finucan, Inc. Hidden Ponds Nursery & Garden Center Home Community Fund Horizon Senior Services Joan Coulter Pittman Fund Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus Council 704 Ladles Soup of Mount Pleasant Lindbergh & Associates, LLC Mt. Pleasant Business Association Novus Architects Patrick Family Foundation Prospec Electronics of SC Inc. Sage Services Group Southern Community Services Southern Eagle Distributors Southern Lumber & Millwork St. Benedict Catholic Church St. Vincent de Paul Society SteelFab SC Storey Foundation, Inc. Sunrise Presbyterian Church TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc. TD Bank The Glasspro-Heinauer Family Fund The InterTech Group, Inc. The Saul Alexander Grant Fund The Webb Foundation, Inc. Volunteer Services Organization Wells Fargo Advisors White Cedar Company, Inc. UP TO $999 Access Healthcare Advanced Hearing Care Alcoa Allstate - Brian Clyburn Agency Applied Technology and Management,


Inc. Arlene's Salon and Spa Arnold's Automotive Inc. Ascue's Autobody AXA Foundation Barley Construction Company Beachside Real Estate Beam & Associates Bi-Lo Boosters Plus BNC Bank BrightStar Brockington and Associates Burbage Properties, LLC Burtons Grill, LLC Carol Lund Interiors Carolina Capital Management Carolina Park Development, LLC Carroll Realty, Inc. CDCC, Inc. Centerpointe, LLC Charleston Clock Company Church of the Holy Cross CLB Group, LLC CMMC, LLC Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Dealer Electronic Services, Inc. Dirty Blonde Charters Disaster Plus Dodds and Hennessy, Attorneys at Law Done Properly By Petrovski, LLC Doug Plank & Associates, Inc. Dunes Properties of Charleston Dunes West Golf Club Employees E.M. Seabrook, Jr., Inc. East Coast AP Marketing LLC East Cooper Fishing Club East Cooper Outboard Motor Club East Cooper Outboard Motor Club Ladies Auxiliary East Cooper Paint and Body Shop Ebenezer Mount Zion AME Church Ed Hunnicutt Real Estate Team Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment Fund Elizabeth Calvin Bonner Foundation Enterprise Leasing Company Southeast, LLC Finz Bar and Grill First Baptist Church First United Methodist Church First United Methodist - Mens Club First United Methodist Church - All Comers Class Floyd & Green Jewelers Goodwill Industries of Lower S.C.

Greater Charleston Duplicate Bridge Club Green Carolina, Inc. Hagan Family, LLC Harriet and Herbert Keyserling Endowment Herbert Way Arms Class Hibben United Methodist Church Hidden Ponds Nursery - Lawn Rangers Holy Trinity AME Church Benevolence Account Hyland, Ruddy & Garbett Iacofano's Interface Financial Group Island Expressions J. Henry Stuhr, Inc. J. Lynn McCants Jackie Wirszyla CPA, LLC Janson Rentals, LLC Jim V. Jones & Associates, LLC John Winthrop & Co., Inc. Johnson & Johnson Johnston, Marion, & Company Kahrs Estimating Service Keels Law Firm Keller Williams Realty- Island Realty Kickin' Chicken - Mt. Pleasant Kids Teeth Ledford's Termite & Pest Control Legacy Wealth Management, LLC Liberty Fire Protection, Inc. Low Voltage Professionals, Inc. Lowcountry Companions LLC Lowcountry Consignments Lowcountry Endocrine & Diabetes Associates, PA Lowcountry Poolboy Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School Marine Linehandlers, Inc. Mark Reinhardt Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC. Mixed Nuts of Snee Farm Mosaic Cafe Moultrie News Mount Pleasant Seafood New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Olive Branch AME Church Oliver Packaging & Equipment Company Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach Services Palmetto Exterminators, Inc. Pernix Therapeutics, LLC Pickens County Meals on Wheels Pitt Street Pharmacy, Inc.

Pleasant Paws Dayspa Port City Concrete Publix Supermarket Corporation Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants, LLC Renaissance South Construction, LLC Richard Hricik Sandpiper Rehab Sandpiper Village Residents Church Fund Schu-man Services, Inc. Sea Island Systems,Inc. Seamon, Whiteside & Associates, Inc. Seignious and Associates Sewee Dental Care, LLC Shell Oil Company Foundation Smith, Bundy, Bybee & Barnett, PC Source Consulting, LLC Starfleet Marine Transportation, Inc. Steinberg Law Firm Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects, Inc. Taylor Consulting, Inc. Telecom Pioneers/South Carolina Chapter #61 The Childrens Center at Carolina Park The City Marina The Gleaners Class The Jones Company The Kitchell Verano Group The Lawton Law Firm The Pendergrass Moving Company, LLC The Sledge Foundation, Inc. Theobald Family Chiropractic Thomas & Hutton Engineering, Co. Thompson Trucking Co., Inc. Travelers Community Connections TRUMPF Medical Systems, Inc. UBS Matching Gift Program Unlimited Performance V F W Ladies Auxiliary Post 10624 Visiting Angels W. Howard Holl, III MD Wade Surveying Wakendaw Lakes Womens Club Wando Baptist Church - Adult Sunday School Class William Means Real Estate, LLC Windjammer

East Cooper Meals On Wheels

N i b b l es

& Nods

The community goes above and beyond in its support of East Cooper Meals on Wheels, with many people choosing to donate goods and services in support of our mission. Since September, 92 individuals, and 87 organizations and businesses have contributed in-kind support valued at $45,370. We are especially grateful to Christ Church for preparing, packing and donating all of our weekend meals, as well as to Noisy Oyster Seafood Restaurant for preparing and donating a meal for our recipients once a month. In addition, the following community partners donated at least $200 in food items: Charleston County Aviation Authority Costco Wholesale Createspace Great Harvest Bread Company Kudzu Bakery

Winter/Spring 2014



3rd Quarter: Dave & Margaret Graham This couple chose to retire in Mount Pleasant and, though they have only been volunteering with us for a year, they have already made a significant impact at Meals on Wheels. They drive Route G every Thursday and even serve as substitutes when we really need them. They helped us procure numerous auction items for our 2013 gala, and they have both been trained to serve as ambassadors at events throughout the community. Dave even showed off his golf skills at our annual tournament this year, while Margaret helped out as a volunteer at the event. An especially big thank you to Roland and June Richard, their neighbors and fellow volunteers, for encouraging them to become part of the Meals on Wheels family.

Opal Restaurant & Bar Operation Freebird St. Vincent de Paul Society Starbucks Stella Maris Catholic Church The Palms of Mount Pleasant Additional behind-the-scenes support was provided by the following community partners: Awareness: Charleston Home Builders Association Grocery Bags: Publix—Queensborough, Whole Foods Market Pet Food: Banfield Pet Hospital, Charleston Dog Training Club Water Cooler: Appalachian Springs Bottled Water

What Will Your Legacy Be?

4th Quarter: Eddie Truesdale Eddie Truesdale has been a supporter of East Cooper Meals on Wheels since 2004. Though he had to take some time off from volunteering for a few years, he jumped back in with both feet in August! He makes time in his work schedule to drive Route B every Tuesday. He also played in our golf tournament in September and volunteered at our oyster roast in October. On Thanksgiving Day, Eddie allowed the media to follow him on his route, which showed everyone in the Lowcountry just how important Meals on Wheels is to those we serve. Recently, he was the first to tell us about the rolling blackouts occurring due to the extreme cold, and he asked about taking some of our utility blankets along his delivery route in case anyone was in need. Eddie truly has gone the extra mile in the short time that he's been back.




The following East Cooper Meals on Wheels family members have passed away since October 2013. It was an honor to work with each of them and they are deeply missed. Edith Beckham ........................................................... Route 3

Ann Bohlen ................................................................. Route G Louise Cooper ............................................................. Route 7

Kenneth Dawson ......................................................... Route D Terri Diggs .................................................................. Route 3

Beverly Lenhart ........................................................... Route A

South Carolina ranks 10th in the nation for seniors at risk of hunger. Hunger can happen to anyone when circumstances prevent them from driving to the grocery store or standing at the stove long enough to cook a meal. By remembering East Cooper Meals on Wheels in your will, or as a beneficiary of your insurance or pension plan, you’ll be sustaining our efforts to fight hunger in our community for years to come. A meal—and so much more—that’s what your legacy will be. Those seeking to support our mission can also ask that memorials be made to East Cooper Meals on Wheels following their passing. Call George Roberts at (843) 881-9350 for more information.

Helen Madison............................................................ Route 3

Pricillia Major.............................................................. Route 9 James McKim .............................................................. Route 5

Joan Oldland ............................................................... Route 8

Steve Omark................................................................ Volunteer Gertrude Sassard ......................................................... Route A

Patricia Schlegel .......................................................... Volunteer

John Russell ................................................................. Nutritional Drinks Edith Vanderhorst ....................................................... Route C

Peggy Wright .............................................................. Nutritional Drinks


East Cooper Meals On Wheels

Winter/Spring 2014

MISSION STATEMENT East Cooper Meals on Wheels delivers daily nutrition to residents within our service area who are homebound or unable to provide their own meals. We also advocate on behalf of recipients whose needs exceed the scope of our program.


Non-Profit U.S. Postage


Charleston, SC

Permit No. 137

P.O. Box 583 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465 (843) 881-9350

MARCH 23 BBQ at the Green Awendaw Green

APRIL 10 - 13 Strawberry Festival Boone Hall APRIL 11 - 13 Hidden Ponds Benefit Weekend APRIL 27 Blessing of the Fleet & Seafood Festival MAY 17

Serve ‘Em Up Tennis Tournament Wild Dunes Resort SEPTEMBER 16 16th Annual Charity Golf Classic Bulls Bay

stay coNNected!


2nd Annual Oyster Roast Gold Bug Island



George Roberts, President/CEO [email protected]

Chris Brooks, Director of Community Development [email protected]

Jenny Ladd, Office Manager [email protected] Lauren Adams, Communications and Event Manager [email protected] Adrian Wieland, Program and Volunteer Manager [email protected] Rachel Hamilton, Recipient Services Manager [email protected] Kim Blalock, Program Assistant [email protected]

A Meal To Remember

Presented by Motley Rice Attorneys at Law

benefiting East Cooper Meals on Wheels

Harry Sewell, Operations Coordinator [email protected]

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Omar Shrine Convention Center

Nadine Hershey, Staff Accountant (Contract) [email protected]

Formal Invitation to Follow

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Richard Garcia, Chairman George Durney, Vice Chairman Bill Flaherty, Secretary Rev. Joe Carnes Ananias Molly Bundy Jenny Lynn Hanzel

Save the Date for a Gala & Auction

Dr. John Maize Dr. Marc New Ed Robinson Edward Rose Andrea Ulmer

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