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FRANCISCAN FRIARS PARISH AND&SCHOOL STAFF STAFF ORGANIZATIONS Fr. Michael Surufka, Surufka, OFM, OFM, Pastor Pastor Mr. Bogdan (Don) Pieniak, Parish Administrator Fr. Leonard Stunek, OFM, Friary Guardian, Stunek, OFM, Friary Guardian,Parochial ParochialVicar Vicar PARISH AND SCHOOL STAFF Mrs. Deborah Martin, St. Stanislaus School Principal Fr. Placyd Koń, Kon, OFM, OFM, Parochial ParochialVicar Vicar Mr. Mr. Dan Dan Kane Kane Jr., Jr., Business BusinessManager Manager Br. Justin Kwietniewski, Kwietniewski, OFM, OFM,Pastoral PastoralMinistry Ministry Mrs. Deborah Martin, St. Stanislaus School and Principal Mr. David Krakowski, Director of Liturgy Music Mr. David Krakowski, Director of Liturgy and Music Mrs. Denise O’Reilly, St. Stanislaus School Secretary DIRECTORY Mrs. Denise O’Reilly, St. Stanislaus School Secretary Mr. Fred Mendat, Maintenance & Social Center Manager DIRECTORY Rectory & Parish Office 216- 341-9091 Mr. ORGANIZATIONS Fred Mendat, Maintenance & Social Center Manager Rectory & Parish Office 216-341-9091 Parish Fax 341-2688 PARISH PARISH Parish Fax Elementary School 341-2688 St. Stanislaus 883-3307 Mrs.ORGANIZATIONS Susan Halamek, Pastoral Council Chairperson St. Stanislaus Elementary School 883-3307 Mr. Zeszut, Pastoral Council Chairperson Central Catholic High School 441-4700 Ms. Ron Celeste Suchocki, Finance Council Chairperson Central Catholic High School 441-4700 Ms. Celeste Suchocki, Finance Council Chairperson Mrs. Sophie Wasielewski, Golden Agers President PARISH WEBSITE Pulaski Franciscan CDC 789-9545 Mrs. Dorota Tomaszewska, Katechizacja po polsku Mr. Charles Janowski, Jr., Dads Club President Mrs. Sophie Wasielewski, Golden Agers President Mr. Rick Krakowski, C.Y.O. Coordinator E-MAIL Mr. Mr. Matt Matt Zielenski, Zielenski, St. St.Vincent VincentDePaul DePaulSociety Society PARISH WEBSITE [email protected] Ms. Jane Bobula, Good Shepherd Catechesis Ms. Jane Bobula, Good Shepherd Catechesis PHOTO ALBUM Mr. Rob Jagelewski, Parish History E M A I L Mr. Rob Jagelewski, Parish Historical Committee Mrs. Nancy Mack, MANNA Coordinator [email protected] Mrs. Nancy Mack, MANNA Coordinator St-Stanislaus-Album Mrs. Sharon Kozak, Alumni and Development PHOTO ALBUM Mrs. Grace Hryniewicz, Shrine Shoppe Manager Mrs. Denise Siemborski, Fr. William Scholarship Mrs. Sharon Kozak, Alumni and Development TO CONTACT ORGANIZATIONS: Ms. Marilyn Mosinski, Polish Festival Mrs. Denise Siemborski, Fr. William Scholarship Send an e-mail to the parish, Mr. John Heyink, Building and Grounds Mr. John Heyink, Building and Grounds Committee with the person wish to The artist’s sketch onyou the right Sister Mary Alice Jarosz, SSJ-TOSF, Stewardship SisterAlice MaryKlafczynski, Alice Jarosz, SSJ-TOSF, Stewardship Committee contact depicts in thetheoriginal subjectbuilding line. Mrs. Hospitality Ms. Ralph Marianna Romaniuk, PORADA Director with the spires. Corner Stone Mr. Trepal, Evangelization Thelaid artist’s sketch on the right Luis Ramirez, Lil Bros President in 1886, and church Ms. Lois Sumegi, Garden Club Luis Ramirez, Lil Bros President Ms. Debbie Grale, Ms. Betty Dabrowski, & Mrs. Viviane Buchanan, Web Site Editors


depicts the original dedicated in 1891.building with the spires. Corner Stone laid in 1886, church dedicated in 1891.

MASS SCHEDULE Daily Masses: 7:00 AM & 8:30 AM (no 7:00 on Sat.) Sunday Vigil: Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday English Masses: 8:30 AM & 11:30 AM Sunday Polish Mass: 10:00 AM Holy Day English: Refer to Schedule Holy Day Polish: 5:30 PM National Holidays: 9:00 AM DEVOTIONS Daily Morning Prayer 8:00 AM (exc. Sunday) Saint Anthony Novena Tuesdays after Mass Rosary for Life Tuesdays and Fridays after 8:30 Mass Avilas prayer for vocations, second Monday of the month OFFICE HOURS The parish office is open from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday 4:00 to 4:45 PM or by appointment. SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM Ordinarily on Sundays at 1:00 PM. Alternate times must be arranged with a parish priest. Pre-Baptism instructions are necessary in advance. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE All arrangements must be made with one of the priests of the parish six months in advance. GODPARENT AND SPONSOR CERTIFICATES Those who wish to be sponsors for Baptism or Confirmation must be registered and practicing members of the Catholic Church. If you attend St. Stanislaus but you are not registered, please contact the parish office so that you can be listed as a parishioner here. INQUIRY CLASSES (R.C.I.A.): Contact any member of the Pastoral Team. CHURCH HOURS Church is open daily 30 minutes before and after all Masses. For tours or private prayer call the rectory.


TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME October 10 Października 2010 Sat 5:00 PM + Alfred Zabor Sun 8:30 AM + Henry Bialkoski 10:00 AM Sp. Int. Parishioners 11:30 AM + Maria Mania Mon October 11 Weekday 7:00 AM + Władysław, Aleksandra & Stanisław Klik 8:30 AM + Joan & Cecelia Jużkiewicz Tue October 12 Weekday 7:00 AM + Joseph & Stefania Mackiewicz 8:30 AM + Joseph & Stefania Mackiewicz Wed October 13 Weekday 7:00 AM + Josephine G. Kissel 8:30 AM + Elsie Sipko Thu October 14 Weekday 7:00 AM + Chester Drake 8:30 AM Dorothy Maclaine Fri October 15 St. Teresa of Jesus 7:00AM + Larry Evearitt 8:30 AM + Jadwiga Markiewicz Sat October 16 St. Hedwig 8:30 AM + Edward & Harry Mack 1:00 AM Marriage of Shawn Puskar & Lora Budzinski

Sat Sun

TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME October 17 Października 2010 5:00 PM + Kenneth Krul 8:30 AM Sp. Int. Parishioners 10:00AM + Tadeusz & Christine Frodyma 11:30AM + Genevieve Tarkowski

Shrine Church of ST. STANISLAUS


We pray for the souls of Adele Stevens, Marie Hrynak & Helen Piaskowiak Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them!


RCIA in the rectory. Good Shepherd Catechesis — NO CLASS TODAY! Lil Bros meeting in the rectory. A.A. & Al-Anon, in Social Center. Paderewski Polish Language School, in the school International Food and Cultural Festival, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, until 9:00 PM Sun 10:00 AM RCIA meets, in the rectory. 10:00 AM Chopin Commemorative Polish Mass 11:00 AM Good Shepherd Class resumes!

Bread and Wine Offering for October: “In Memory of Ronald Wodarczyk and Neil Shirak.”

Sun 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM Wed 8:00 PM Sat 10:00 AM 5:00 PM

Gregory Gleine & Cara Cherrison (III) Josh Podwoski & Renita Jablonski (I)

Festival Pics by Bogdan!

A Happy John Sklodowski!

What a bunch of happy ticket sellers! (and PASTOR!)

Bunny Hop Madness! Hop hop hop!!!!

Raz, dwa, trzy….let the Mazurka begin!

SCHEDULE FOR MINISTERS Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 17 Października, 2010 Sat Sun


5:00 PM Lector—Robert Jagelewski Euch. Min.— Connie Aliff & Mike Potter, Stan Witczak & Chris Wiśniewski 8:30 AM Lector – Karen Neuman Euch. Min. — Marcia & Don Stech, Nicole & Mark Kobylinski 10:00 AM Lector— Beata Cyranek Euch. Min. — E. Ejśmont & W. Sztalkoper, M. Sladewska & A. Jankowska 11:30 AM Lector—William Bobowicz Euch Min.— Diana Bulanda & Nancy Sontowski, Angela Revay & Larry Wilks

PARISH SUPPORT Last Sunday’s Collection 5:00 PM (76)...………………..$1,413.18 8:30AM(67)……..………… ….1,229.00 10:00 AM (83)…………………...968.75 11:30 AM (67)………………....1,128.50 Mailed in (38)..….....……… ….1,326.57 Total ...………...………………6,066.00 Franciscans………...……………….548.00

And the winners are….$2500-Cecelia Daniels, $1500-MaryAnn Sabatula, $1000-R. Podlewski, $500-Teresa Sladewska, $125-Tony Cappellucci, Nicole Kovar, Ron Zeszut, Jr., Jill Vince, Allen Schack. TV-Ed Witzonek; Baskets-Jim Friedl, Trudy McAulley, Amy Niehols, Margaret Sweeney and Alan Mosinski! Congratulations to all!!!!!!

PASTORAL MESSAGE Pastoral Message Are We Part of the Nine Today’s Gospel story about the healing of 10 lepers ends with Jesus asking, “Where are the other nine?” Only one leper returned to offer his gratitude. Failure to say “Thank you” deprives us of even deeper blessings. Consider the many children who fail to thank grandparents for the generous check they tuck into a card on a special occasion. They may be missing out on a chance to know their own grandparents more deeply. One clever grandmother upped the ante. “This year all my grandchildren came over in person to thank me,” she boasted to a friend. “How did you ever do that?” the friend asked. The grandmother triumphantly replied, “This year I didn’t sign their checks.” Jesus healed ten lepers (today known as Hansen’s disease) an uncomfortable skin disorder. Yet, Jesus is disappointed that only one of the ten came back to give thanks. This one was a Samaritan, a foreigner, and fiercely-hated enemy of the Jews. Today, we are confronted with a term and practice known as “politically correct” - a term appropriated by the so-called New Left around 1970 to express a certain satirical self-criticism. Gradually, the term “political correctness” became an umbrella term for all manner of expressions. For example, it came to be considered more correct to refer to African-Americans rather than “black” or “Negro” people. “Native American” replaced “Indian”; “firefighter” and “postal carrier” replaced “fireman” and “mailman.” Descriptions of disabled persons also changed: the blind became the “visually challenged.” Short persons have come to be known as “vertically challenged,” and the prematurely bald as “follically challenged.” “Political correctness” has fostered inclusive and neutral language, and has tried to eradicate potentially offensive terms, with mixed results regarding the value and application of these terms. Now… to today’s gospel. Jesus was determined to ignore artificial barriers that separated people. He set aside the rules of political correctness that kept foreigners, sinners and the diseased at a distance from most people. Through his interaction with and healing of all ten lepers, Jesus illustrated the universal concern of God and the inclusiveness of the divine plan of salvation. It is also interesting to note the welcome Jesus received from foreigners and sinners, as compared to the way the hierarchy of the Jewish community continued to refuse his outreach and his teachings. The healing of the ten lepers shows that God’s mercies were extended to all, and that they were unconditional in regard to gender, ethnicity or unworthiness. All, without exception, were healed. How many “lepers” are there in my life right now? Why do we exclude others because they “are different” from us—in their life style, customs, culture, religious practices, dietary rules, color of skin, etc.? In the time of Jesus and before, the “sick mentality” that existed, considered all persons with physical disability to be sinners, punished by God, and doomed to hell forever. Are we still of the same mentality? It’s somewhat silly for us sinners to condemn other sinners, isn’t it? We should not exclude others—lest we be excluded by God— who is the Creator...the origin and destiny...of every human being! Got it???? Always be grateful to God!! Fr. Len

January Stycznia 20102010 OCTOBER 103PAŹDZIERNIKA 40 dni dla życia To moja pierwsza refleksja w biuletynie po długiej, około 3m i e s i ę c z n e j p r z e r wi e . D z i s i a j postanowiłem napisać o czymś, co jest bardzo ważne dla mnie, tzn. o obronie życia dzieci nienarodzonych. O północy z 21 na 22 września zaczęła się kolejna akcja „40 dni dla życia”. Dowiedziałem się o niej czytając blog na Frondzie mojego przyjaciela, kierowcy ciężarówki z Charlotte, w Północnej Karolinie - Piotra Jaskierni. Kto czyta tygodnik „ Niedziela”, ten mógł przeczytać wywiad z nim w numerze z 19go września. Wywiad był w Dodatku Małopolskim. Piotr powiedział mi, że za kilka tygodni będzie świadectwo jego nawrócenia. Na blogu jest krótka informacja o jego autorze. Mój przyjaciel pisze o sobie, że „na swojej drodze spotkał Boga i nie może przestać mówić o Nim”. A oto, co 19 września napisał on na temat wspomnianej w tytule akcji: Jest to już akcja o zasięgu światowym, biorą w niej oficjalnie udział osoby ze Stanów Zjednoczonych, Kanady, Australii, Danii, Anglii i Irlandii Północnej. A ja piszę o tej akcji dlatego, że mam nadzieję, że nieoficjalnie przyłączy się do niej wiele innych osób na całym świecie. Celem akcji, która trwa już od 2007 roku jest zdelegalizowanie aborcji na całym świecie. W czasie poprzednich sześciu kampanii (początkowo miały one miejsce tylko jesienią, teraz są także w okresie Wielkiego Postu) zmobilizowano ponad 350 tysięcy osób w 307 miastach w każdym z amerykańskich stanów, w sześciu kanadyjskich prowincjach, trzech australijskich stanach, w Północnej Irlandii i Danii. Ponad 11 500 parafii wzięło w niej udział i 1811 nienarodzonych dzieci zostało uratowanych przed zabójstwem. I to tylko tych, o których wiadomo organizatorom. Ile kobiet postanowiło urodzić nie informując nikogo związanego z tą akcją – wie tylko Bóg. Dodatkowo 35 osób pracujących w klinikach aborcyjnych wypowiedziało pracę, pięć takich placówek zamknęło swoje podwoje bezpośrednio po akcji, ponad 850 artykułów napisali o niej dziennikarze w lokalnych gazetach, nagrali audycji radiowych i programów telewizyjnych… Akcja ta dała nam coś jeszcze. Dała nam nadzieję, że aborcja, jak wcześniej niewolnictwo, zniknie z cywilizowanego świata i stanie się czymś niewyobrażalnym. Piotr udziela się aktywnie we wspomnianej akcji. Pewnie z różnych względów nie jest to możliwe dla nas wszystkich, uczestniczyć w tej akcji osobiście. Ale myślę, że nie możemy pozostać wobec niej obojętni, bo nie może być dla nas obojętny los dzieci zabijanych w czasie aborcji. Możemy i powinniśmy modlić się w tej intencji, ofiarować post i inne drobne umartwienia, aby nie było ani jednego dziecka poczętego, któremu nie będzie dane się urodzić. Właśnie zaczęliśmy październik. W naszym kościele mamy Różaniec tylko w niedzielę, przed polską Mszą św. Niestety, nie mamy nabożeństw różańcowych we wszystkie dni tego miesiąca, jak to mamy w większości kościołów w Polsce. Jednak nich nie stoi na przeszkodzie, aby odmawiać tę modlitwę prywatnie, i ofiarować za tych, którzy sami nie mogą się bronić. o. Placyd

Shrine Church of ST. STANISLAUS


Kool–aid or cytrynówka??????

Bakery Booth Fun! Cookie monsters!!! Krakowianka Guests enjoying the polka dancers!

Sisters looking for their l’il bro! Smacznego!!!!!

Guests touring the church! Young ladies enjoying the party! SANTO SUBITO, ….a sung biographical ‘musical’ about John Paul II, will be performed on October 14, 2010, 8 PM, at Magnificat High School Auditorium. 20770 Hilliard Blvd. In Rocky River. Tickets can be purchased through the Polish American Cultural Center on Lansing (216-883-2828) or by approaching Fr. Placyd (216-538-3707) The spectacle is a canto biography of John Paul II and is being staged in 18 cities across the USA and Canada. The cast includes 8 soloists, chorus and orchestra under the direction of world famous conductor Piotr Rubik.

Sylphs doing the polonaise! Trumpet blasts! SANTO SUBITO (śpiewana biografia Jana Pawła II). Koncert orkiestry i chóru pod dyrekcją Piotra Rubika Koncert odbędzie się 14 października 2010 roku, o godz. 8:00 wieczorem w auli High School Magnificat. Adres szkoły: 20770 Hillard Blvd., Rocky River, Ohio. Bilety do nabycia u p. Eugeniusza Bąka, w PolskoAmerykańskim Centrum Kultrury, 6501 Lansing Ave, tel. 216883-2828 lub u p. Eugenii Stolarczyk, w Cosmopolitan Agency, 6506 Lansing Ave, tel. 216-441-6628 lub u o. Placyda, tel. 216-538-3707.

OCTOBER 10 PAŹDZIERNIKA 2010 CHOPIN’S 200th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Please join the Cleveland Polish-American Community for a tribute to the great Polish born composer and pianist, Fryderyk Chopin, on Sunday, October 17th. Festivities will begin here at the Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus at the 10 AM Polish Mass during which time the combined choirs will sing a Mass based on his music. Following the Mass there will be a reception and lunch at the Polish-American Cultural Center on Lansing Avenue ($8). The day’s celebration will culminate with the unveiling and rededication of the bronze Chopin bust in the Polish Cultural Garden (the corner of St. Clair and East Blvd.) at 2 PM. Guest of honor at the above events will be Polish ConsulGeneral, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka. Everyone is invited to attend, but if you would like to participate in the reception, advanced tickets are advised. Simply visit the Center or call ahead to Gene Bak at 440-2635552.

R.C.I.A. INFORMATION MEETING Do you know any adults (including high school aged teens) who have not been baptized, or who have been baptized but never received First Communion or been confirmed, or who are baptized in another church but want to become Catholic? If so, invite them to attend the first information session of the RCIA program (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), which will be held this Sunday at 10:00 AM in the rectory. The program will continue every Sunday at 10:00 AM until Pentecost. This is open to all parishioners as an excellent adult faith updating program as well! I. J. PADEREWSKI POLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL

The “Ignacy Paderewski Polish Language School” is holding classes in our school building. The school offers classes for both children and adults with classes held each Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. For more information check their website: or call Irene HoncJadlos at 216-226-5496 or Grażyna Buczek at 216-316-6165. The Polish class welcomes students of all ages! You are never too young or too old to learn…dla młodzieży i staruszków! CLUSTER NEWS Our Lady of Lourdes Parish invites you to the Third Annual International Food and Culture Festival, Saturday, October 16th, 5-9 PM (Bi-lingual Mass at 4 PM….SpanishEnglish). Enjoy ethnic food from European and Latin American Countries. Also, folkloric music and dance! Basket raffle and raffle of money ($500, $200 and 3 - $100) For more information please call 216-641-2829.

INFANTS / TODDLERS OF SLAVIC VILLAGE “It is in giving that we receive…” Just two jars of baby food, a box of cereal, a can of spaghetti can stop the crying of a hungry child. We’re not asking you to do it alone! Fr. Mike didn’t ask just one of us to purchase a new freezer—he asked if we could ALL work together and chip in at least a dollar….and it worked! Now, asking you to contribute a jar or more of baby food will continue to show our concern for others, the hungry children of our neighborhood! Together we can do it! Your donation will give you a chance to win a Hot Air Popcorn machine in addition to a variety of popcorns, salts and fun popcorn bowls. The drawing will be on Halloween, October 31st. Please donate and help us fill the baskets like never before. BTW, Marie Therese Stephens was last month’s winner…. ask her how she enjoyed her cheesecake (look for the crumbs in pew #3, Epistle side….we think husband Mike was anxious and hungry and helped himself when she wasn’t looking!)

PARISH MINISTRY FAIR PREPARATION For the past several months the Stewardship Committee has been reflecting on the spirituality of stewardship. God gives us life, faith, family, unique gifts and talents. Being good stewards of the gifts we've been given means to develop and share them. We are blessed that so many of our parishioners freely give of their time and talents in the various ministries that will be on display during our November 13-14 Ministry Fair. Watch for more details and plan to attend! FR. WILLIAM SCHOLARSHIP — REVERSE RAFFLE Our Sixth Annual Reverse Raffle for the Father William Gulas Scholarship Fund will be on Saturday, November 6 at 6PM. Tickets are $35.00 & include dinner, beer, wine, pop & a chance to win $1500.00! For more information or tickets please call Rick Sutich 216-883-4904, Denise Siemborski 216-3985764, Frank Greczanik 216-441-0552 or John Heyink 216-3412019.

GOOD SHEPHERD NEWS Class will NOT meet on Oct. 10, but WILL meet on Oct. 17. Zajęcia programu Dobrego Pasterza: 10-go października – NIE ma zajęć;17-go października – TAK


300! When our school enrollment reached this dream goal, the teachers wrote short responses to: Why I am glad to be part of the Saint Stanislaus Community. Here is the response of Molly Connelly, Grade School teacher: “I am so glad to be part of the St. Stanislaus community because of all the great people with whom I get to work – from Fr. Mike, Mrs. Martin and all the teachers and staff. The support we receive from the parish is greatly appreciated!”

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